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Region 8 changes!

WEAC Region 8 as a statewide region has been reorganized and its members have been assigned to geographical regions. Please visit the weac.org Regions page to see how regions are organized geographically.


Rep. Mark Pocan

Rep. Pocan calls private school voucher system a ‘wasteful, failing experiment’

“It is unconscionable for taxpayers to continue funding two duplicative education systems, particularly when the one can cherry-pick students and ignore educational standards and dodge showing proof they are working,” Pocan writes in the Progressive Magazine. “We need to have the federal Department of Education clarify the necessary steps to ensure proper oversight of this program, which appears to be a wasteful, failing experiment. After all, this should be about quality education for our kids.”


Private school voucher programs costing Wisconsin taxpayers $245 million this year

The costs for Wisconsin’s private school voucher programs – which have expanded statewide and to include special needs vouchers – continues to grow. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the programs cost taxpayers $245 million this school year, up about $15 million from last year. “After 25 years of study there’s no proof that voucher schools outperform public schools. In many cases, they do worse,” said Mary Young of Save Our Schools Wauwatosa. “Our state should support great schools that serve all of our kids.”


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