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Region 8 changes!

WEAC Region 8 as a statewide region has been reorganized and its members have been assigned to geographical regions. Please visit the weac.org Regions page to see how regions are organized geographically.



Young teachers leaving at a higher rate, Appleton Post-Crescent analysis finds

Young teachers – those with less than five years of experience – are leaving the Appleton School District at a noticeably higher rate than in past years, according to an analysis by the Appleton Post-Crescent. Although school officials say the reasons for the departure of young teachers are primarily due to relocations and the tendency for millennials to change jobs more frequently, the increase coincides with the aftermath of Act 10, which effectively eliminated collective bargaining for educators and reduced their voice the workplace.

Pink piggy bank with glasses standing in front of a blackboard with simple college savings or fees chart.

Rising costs shatter New Jersey student’s dream to attend UW

In a column in Time magazine, a New Jersey mother laments the fact that her son will not be able to attend the University of Wisconsin because the university has hiked out-of-state tuition to the point that it is unaffordable to an average family and student aid is virtually non-existent. She writes: “Out-of-state tuition, room, board, and fees for Wisconsin run more than $48,000 this year. Even with the money I’d saved in his 529 fund, there is no way I can afford to send him there, particularly on top of the cost of my elder son’s education. Their father and I are journalists, not hedge fund managers.”


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